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The Reluctant Patriot


From our seasonal sense of patriotism


Comes occasionally a thought

An awakening, a stirring

Today I shall be an Indian

Once a year our patriotic blood stirs

Once a year we pledge allegiance

We do promise to hold habit

But soon are led adrift by the lure of negligence


From the clutches of the British were we last freed,

And from the dead acceptance of fate did we last rise

But we’ve plunged into the pool of social taboos once again,

And we as Indians have to rise and rise again.

Our fore fathers, architects of free thought and revolution,

Lie now, silent in memory amidst the unanswered cries for a patriotic heart.

Oh, do let the familiar stench of uncouth opulence,

Satisfy the deprived slum dweller’s unwonted hunger.


Rise from this chasm of depravity,

And show the world what being an Indian means to be.

Our fearless freedom fighters will only be set free,

If their beloved India is taken care of tenderly.

Mistaken, do not be at your own significance,

For you are all soldiers of a very young nation.

This nation, let it be made your home,

And as a true Indian you shall be reborn.


I pray yet again mother

Let my country awake

Let my country awake

Jai Hind





                    Aravind Babu ,  V A




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By Sruthi S Sudhir, 7A 

Sruthi is always brimming with enthusiasm. A versatile personality, her interests range from music to dance to books and friends.


When I was six years old my father bought me a bicycle as a present on my birthday. It was a blue one and I liked it. But I didn’t know how to ride it. My father told, “Try, try again and again.” I was afraid. Father grinned seeing the expression on my face. He said,” Tomorrow Meera will come and teach you.”


The next day Meera came and suggested that we would start practicing on the bridge. So we set off. The bicycle wobbled. Not that there was anything wrong with it. Something was wrong with the way I handled it. Meera was catching it at the back. “Please don’t let it go, Meera,” I cried. After some time the bicycle seemed to be going smoothly and lightly. When I turned back I saw Meera standing at the far end of the bridge!

Then I knew I made it. I was thrilled. But my joy didn’t last long. Suddenly, I don’t know how, I fell off the bicycle and got a minor cut on the knee. It pained, but I did learn a thing or two.





Ancy Elsa Mathew, 7 A

Ancy hails from Mavelikara in Kerala. She is a voracious reader and finds time to write poetry and play chess too.This brilliant student wants to be a renowned architect someday.


 I have a garden with lots of flowers,

Jasmine and roses fill in the air.

Hibiscus and orchids turn it fair,

And make it an Eden for all those lovers.

There are visitors who stream in all day,

Lots of squirrels and butterflies in cheer.


They make my life and garden so dear,

And give us a reason to live and be gay. 

Oft I sit on moonlit nights there

Watching the starry sky above.

Listen to the songs of nature’s love,

And thank God for all his care.




Gaurav Jayamohan,7C

A gifted artist with an amazing sense of colour and shape, Gaurav plays the keyboard too with great ease and perfection. He wants to become an aeronautical engineer and keep up his hobbies as well.



When the world sleeps

After the day’s work

The sun prepares for the dawn.

The mountains in the east

Welcome the sun for the morn

To wake up the world for another day.

The morning breeze very gently

Pats the leaves and flowers,

Birds set their wings for flight

And sing the welcome song.

Clouds glow bright and sky so blue

The sun peeps out for another dawn.




Aravind AN, 10C


The world of stars and the moon fascinate this young scientist in the making. His dream destination is the NASA from where he plans to unravel the mysteries.




I see the night invading the day,

Look! There the sun steals away.

Now is the time to ascend the throne

And play among the stars alone.

The sea-gulls settle to their nest,

And the bats come out to their best.

It is time for me to sit and rule

And not to make myself a fool.

 When I begin people stop their toil

And feed themselves to a spoil.

Boys snore on their boring books

And women worry about their looks.

I still wonder why men are so lazy

And women ever so hazy

Why I do my job with true spirit

To keep the world in all its merit.






By Fathima Asaf 10 B


 What makes Fathima different are her simplicity and keen interest in people. No wonder she desires to become a teacher whom her students would love.


I am Fathima. You must be surprised that it is an old fashioned name for a girl like me. I was worried too when I was small. In Islam it is a sacred name as Fathima was the daughter of Prophet Mohammed. About seventy percent of girls in my community are known by this name. During festivals like Eid, whenever my mother called out my name there would be several ones to answer it. This embarrassed me. But I think I am the only girl in my school to have this name. That makes me a bit popular.

Some people call me Pathu. Some Pathumma. Still others prefer the name Fabia. There are a few who fashionably call me Fabi. I think I can read their mind the way they call me. My name speaks about their personality. That is amusing,isn’t it?


When the album ‘Khalbinu Fathima’ was released, boys used to tease me. But now I don’t mind such things. Now I am a grown up girl. I now know that a person is not judged by his name. His character and deeds make the essence of a person. I am so engaged in my work that I have no time to worry about my name. Moreover I don’t want a name like Tina or Rina, but a simple one like Fathima suits a simple girl like me.


Fathima means happiness and prosperity. I hope I will be able to spread happiness and prosperity all around to make the world a better place. So I say with élan, ‘My name is Fathima.’




By Revathy P,7C


An ornithologist in the making, Revathy is a go-getter with grit and determination. Books and birds fascinate her in this world.



 Why do some people always come up with fresh achievements? Well, they are positive thinkers. Even though positive thinking does not always help, it does most of the time. The winners are those who think positive. Those who take part in a competition should think,” I will win.” and not “No, my presentation is not good enough. I won’t win.” The winner is the one who has confidence and faith in himself. It has been noticed that all positive thinkers get powerful results. Positive thinking always wins over discouragement.


Now, how do we become positive thinkers? Anybody can overcome negative thinking and action without what we call the spiritual experience. So think positive always.                                                                               








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