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Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode Alumni Association proudly announces its grand proposal to convert the CCA Hall (The old barrack behind the primary Block) into a modern Conference Hall.           

The proposal has the blessings of the Principal, Staff and KVS authorities.           

With your support, good will and generous contribution we hope this project will come true very soon.           

We urge you to extend your unbridled support to this endeavour and pay tributes to our Alma Mater.           

Please send your contributions to the following Account with Bank of India, PTP Nagar Branch Trivandrum.           

Account No. 853210110001568 in the name of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode Alumni Association IFSC Code : BKID 0008532 





PANGODE – An Ode to My Being



 Smitha Sarma 


 I miss …


The feeling when the school reopened in,And I settled in the desk and benches in new classrooms.


 I miss …


 The rush to be queued up in a book depot,


 To get my new books and nice brown paper to cover them.


 I miss …


 The fake fever I sported every Sunday-evening to bunk the Monday classes, Yet managed to line up for the morning prayers to listen to KV Nair sir’s Words of Wisdom.


 I miss…


Shared my lunchbox with friends in classrooms, corridors, Playgrounds, under the trees and even in cycle sheds.


 I miss…


The anticipation when a single P.T. period in the week's Time Table,Was awaited more eagerly than the monsoons.


 I miss…


 CCA activities full of fights but no conspiracies,Of Competitions but seldom jealousy.


 I miss…


 Running to the temple adjoining the schoolAnd mumbling a fervent prayer to help me tide over the Unit Test.


 I miss…


 The Run up to the Sports Day, and the Annual School Day,The rigorous rehearsals and never-ending march pasts


 I miss…


The seemingly stressful Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual Exams,And the most enjoyed holidays after them. Gone are the days But the memories continue to linger.Helping me re-live every single day to the fullest… This is my way to express my gratitude to …Pampering, Alluring, Nurturing, Genial, - (an) ODE to my being!


 Smitha Sarma , Business Head, Learning Solutions ,Bangalore This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




 Joyce George

Joyce George (Commerce Batch 1999).

TechMahindra Ltd. The United Kingdom.



 My school days at KV Pangode are still fresh in my mind as one of the most memorable moments. Especially during my school captaincy. I remember all my teachers with respect and friends with love. I strongly feel that the foundation for one's professional and personal life is determined by the kind of school level education. Hats off to KVP! 

 Blast from the Past




Deepti Nair, Dubai UAE

 Hello dear KV’iites, 
 Hope you all are having a smashing New Year!!! 
 You know, I did some Math today (not really one of my strongest skills) and I came to the shocking conclusion that, in the time I have passed out of school (‘96), I could have completed another round of 1st to 12th Std. in KV Pangode – fancy that!!! 
 I still recall the days of being shaken out of slumber, lugging the school bag, last minute homework copied from the smartest kid’s (nerd??) notebook………you get the picture. 
 The school assembly, giggling at the various mannerisms and quirks of our teachers (oops!!!), using library or the loo as an excuse for respite from the classes----the memories are endless and for that I am glad. For, when can you ever have so much fun again under one roof? FYI: Never. 
 Some highlights of school life:
  • Not worrying about meals, housework or careers…..everything is laid out for you
  • Assembly time….as House Captain, you can pick on any unsuspecting souls to read the news or lead the prayer
  • Absent teachers….teachers are so much more lovable when they are absent
  • Zero period….Never did zero hold so much value
  • Count down to Annual and Sports days…discovery time!!! During these informal gatherings, you may realize that your Math Teacher sings well or that Physics Sir can actually smile.
  • MPT…honestly people sweating it out in the gym is just not the same
  • Rivalry between boys and girls…we may have missed something big time!!!

There is a little place I go to when the going is tough…it is a little escapist technique I use…receding into memories (highly effective).

I think of my friends…imagine what they would look like now, how their lives turned out and about their kids and families. I wonder about my teachers…those remarkable, generous people who bear the enormous responsibility of grooming us…and I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU! 

I know one thing for sure…being a KViite gives you an edge…gives you an identity. I have come across many KV products at most places I have been to.  Even amidst the highbrow, posh educated crowd, we stand out and shine out.


The friendships that you will forge here will be solid and genuine; the wonderful teachers you have here… you will be thankful for; these tension free days will be a thing of the past when you step out into the real world.

So, when you go into your classrooms, have a song in your heart and a smile on your lips and laugh with your friends and jest with your teachers…love and cherish them, for, these moments are few.  When you come through these school gates, know that you are protected, guided and cared for. When your principle stands up to deliver a speech, don’t yawn and grumble… for he knows a thing or two about life. 

Most importantly, carry on the tradition and put a KV stamp on all you do and say.  Have fun, fun, fun!!!! After all, you have your whole life to grow up…what’s the hurry??!!


 Feel free to contact me at -- This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it







Sabarinath C

 Seeing kids in white and blue uniforms on the roads brings back golden memories of my days in school. Though it has been eight years since I passed out of K V Pangode, it still feels like yesterday. The nine years I spent there are arguably the days I enjoyed the most, with the best of friends. 
 Looking back, I realize that the school had the right mix of studies and sports/CCA (during school days it had always seemed like too much of studies). The unit tests were a pain those days, though my class teacher in 10th standard used it very 
 innovatively – get full marks in Maths UT and one got to choose a seat of one’s choice in the class (This was possibly the first instance of performance incentives I ever had – something which is found commonly in the IT industry).  

CCA and daily morning assemblies provide the best opportunity to hone one’s public speaking skills. I still remember the numerous goof ups I did with morning assembly during my days as house captain – something which got me out of my stage fright. Many times I wouldn’t remember that my house was on duty till I got down at MH bus stop on a Monday morning. Then it would be a chaos, running around asking for guinea pigs who were ready to read out a semi-cooked morning news, thought-for-the-day, etc. Not finding many takers, many times I would have to do the ritual myself, which over a period of time gave me the confidence to go on stage and do anything I wanted to do.


My batch had our own versions of Harsha Bhogle – we used to play cricket test matches considering two PT periods as equal to one day of play. We used to come up with detailed ball by ball statistics and analyses at the end of each period. Onam celebrations were another occasion always looked forward to – starting with the ‘pookkalam’ and ending with the delicious ‘payasam’.


I had a lot of fun inside the chemistry lab too – many times during salt identification, after a long time also I would not have figured out the name of the ions in the salt. In disgust I would dump all chemicals I had in my test tubes into the sink, sometimes resulting in minor explosions!


KV is also the place which taught us the basic tenets of democracy – the annual elections to the posts of the school pupil leader and deputy school pupil leader. In both 11th and 12th, we had very interesting and closely fought elections, giving us a first hand experience of campaigning and everything associated with elections.


Memories of KV life are incomplete without mentioning Rakshabandhan days – of how we guys would be running away from girls wanting to make us their brothers! Some of the boys in our class even bunked school on Rakshabandhan fearing rachis from crushes. Those days it didn’t feel good to be chased by girls for all the wrong reasons, but now looking back it brings a smile on the faces of everyone concerned. Those days we all were very eager to grow up, but now, given a chance, I would definitely go back to those days.


Sabarinath, after working for three years in the IT industry, is now doing his MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management. He studied in K V Pangode from 1991 to 2000 (3rd standard to 12th standard).




Simmy Aziz




 Simmy Aziz ,BTech (KV-1993 Pass out).Electrical Design Engineer.Dubai, UAE

 I feel nostalgic, when ever I think about my school days.There are many episodes which I still recollect and think about them aloud. 
 One among them is a lesson in English when I was in my 9th grade. We all loved our English period. Sarat Sir was very special to all of us. It was the second or third lesson of the supplementary text, “A Face in the Dark” We had our class at the end row of the building and our English period in the evening. With an odd climate, it was getting dark and an excellent ambience for the story.It was a short fictional story but our Sir made it real and all our eyes and ears were at his reading and expressions…A small school boy crying in the middle of a pine forest at night and his Sir comes up to him asking the reason. Suddenly the little boy lifts up his face. It was plain with no eyes, mouth or nose! Horrified, his torch falls down and he runs towards the near by light and narrates the strange story to the watch man. The watchman lifts the lantern to his own face. He had no eyes, nose or mouth either!!  

 The story was small but the feeling in all of us remained long. When ever I think about my school days the first thing comes to my mind is that lovely and unforgettable English period. Hope all my friends too treasure it, as I do.








Business Analyst, Hewlett Packard. Bangalore

 This is a story of a he and she. It may be a work of fiction or may be just facts.It is not a love story. It is a story that has hatred,revenge,back biting,ego clashes and a host of other intangible negative qualities as threads that go helter skelter.
And the story happened not in one day or two. It went on for 2 decades to come to a more or less happy ending.
It ended because of only one thing, the realization between both of them that they are "grown up" and should not haggle over petty issues like in school.
He and she were classmates. Not for one year, but for 12 long years. By some stupid decision of destiny, he nor she changed school. She was comfortable being the topper in class. And she was happy about that, proud she was. But....for him she was just another girl who goes by the rote, had no brains...and did not let him top the class.
He hated to admit she was intelligent. He thought she was a prick, as ass, a pain!!! He would join any discussion trying to tarnish her reputation. Be it her new hairstyle or anything that is silly!
The only thing he enjoyed that she did was her voice...yeah, she sang Carnati
c vocal...and he listened to them whenever she sang be it in intra school competitions or in class...this even he hated to admit...admitting such a thing with regards to the best rival in town would amount to harakiri and blasphemy!!!
Whenever she scored well in tests, he joined guys in discussing how much biased teachers were towards her...any opportunity given to mock at her was not wasted......
Leaving just the two of them in a room would have made sure one was dead, that was how much they hated each other...(actually, this is very true from the HE side, not sure from the SHE side)
The best attempt from his side was a no confidence motion to impeach her from the School's Asst Leader's post. He joined hands with a like minded soul and gathered voted to impeach her....their idea was simple, any democratically elected "leader" can be dethroned by the same people who elected her. Almost being on the verge of being thrown out of school was more than enough for him and his friends to shove up such plans up theirs and keep mum!!!
She also hated him for sure. Why else should she gift him a shampoo sachet to clean his dirty brains!!!(Oh!, she admitted he had brains ;P )
Their face-offs ranged telling his parents that he 'cheated' in exams to pulling off the MCPish articles and jokes put up by him on the class notice board.
It’s been more than 8 years since they left school. She has been in Singapore ever since and he has tried taking so many roads oft taken by others, finally about to making himself useful to this world. Thanks to orkut,blogs and other new age networking ideas, they are still in touch. They talk better now, with not even an inkling of competition, with not even an iota of animosity...times have changed.....this is growing up :) And now he openly admits she was/is brainier ;)
 (Nikhil is an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune and an engineer from NIT Warangal. He is currently a Business Analyst with Hewlett Packard.He was a student of KV Pangode for twelve years and completed his XII in 1998) 





 Renganathan Ramamoorthy


Renganathan Ramamoorthy

Senior Systems Engineer with Siemens Information Systems Limited in Bangalore

 I treasure the fond memories of dwelling amongst a diverse group of individuals, under the hazy shade of the almond trees, munching on some mangoes that were targeted by one and all. KV Pangode has a major part to play in who I am right now. I fondly remember the excellent teachers, who taught us not only the subjects in detail, but also managed to get us pumped up to perform in other areas of life! 

 Math Fear




 Krishna Sreni

 You can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
 Krishna Sreni, HR Executive, RevenueMed,

Techno Park, Trivandrum

 I have many memories about KVP. I was a student of KVP from 1988  to 2000.One of the many things that comes to my mind is Math teachers always advising me to  improve as Math was always a threat as I was more at ease with  other subjects like English .These small small things that I got from KVP yielded big results when I stepped out from school. I would like say that KVP has played a big role in making me the professional and person I am today. I am sure each one of you who are now students of KVP will have only positives to take away from school. Wish you all the very best. 

 Grateful Recollections




 Riju Sanal


 Riju sanal can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Riju Sanal

Associate Consultant

Project Manager (Software Engineer stream)

UST Global, Techno Park 

 I am a 1996 batch pass out of KVP. For me KVP is my school life as I studied from 1 st standard to 12 th ( 1984-1996) standard there. I have many memories about my school days in KVP. It was a totally active and enjoyable school life where we had sports and studies given equal importance. I give complete credit to all teachers and students in KVP who have helped me reach the position I am in now. Personally I think most important thing I got from KVP is the confidence that we win no matter what we target. KVP is simply an excellent platform for us to build qualities to be the best professional no matter which career we choose. I was able to secure top rank in Kerala Engineering Entrance without attending any coaching and purely based on what I learnt in classroom of KVP. It was very tough to even get a rank that time with hardly 2000 seats. I am grateful to the school which gifted the most beautiful present in my life .  

 Memorable Years




 SL Sajeev

 SL Sajeev BTech

HCL Technologies



I am proud to say that I was student of KVP during 1993 to 1996. It seems only three years but those were some of the most memorable years of my school days. I joined KVP in class 5. I still remember my first day at school (Now army people stay there, the old building). During 1994-95, the school was shifted to the new building.


It is just like yesterday that we were celebrating Onam at school with Actor Madhu and ShantiKrishna. When Madhu arrived at the assembly ground the song “manasa maine varoo…”was played.

 All the teachers I loved, I don’t want to name a few, because it will be like I don’t remember the others 
 Three memorable years, many friends and great teachers; these were the gifts given to me by KVP 





 Sidharth Sanjeev


Sub-Lieutenant Indian Navy

 24th October 1995 .... just another day in K V Pangode's short but glorious history. The daily routine went on as usual, though not for me. It was the day when I joined this school. I still remember I joined class V 'C' after that day’s lunch break. After spending all previous school time in North Indian cities this I thought to be easy going, but soon I found it was not to be. The discipline of students, the accent and ease with which they spoke English, their intellect and scope of knowledge and the organization of school were all much superior to what I had ever seen or even imagined till then. A chill went up my spine prompting me to think whether I will be able to survive in this 'hot shot' school. That day when I went back home I was sad, thinking that I will never be able to make it to the top ranks. And as it happened, by the end of the year I was able to secure just about average score. But in that time unknowingly the school taught me, unknowingly though, something known as a “never say die” attitude.  
That was just a beginning of my 8 years of 'school days' in K V Pangode, the school that moulded the real me. Throughout my tenure in school I considered my school as the best one in the city. Each and every day the school taught me how to live, how to survive in this ruthlessly competitive world. As a student I never knew that a revolution was taking place within me owing to the values and moral ethics of the school which forms the pillars of its existence. Ok now you might feel that this person is reciting the same old lecture but to make things more interesting I will tell you one incident which happened with me. There was a competition which used to come in TV known as 'Bourn vita quiz contest', a highly competitive quiz competition at that time. I was in eighth and along with me another student of seventh was nominated to take part in this. The city wise preliminary was held at Christ Nagar School and it had two parts; first was written, after which 6 top teams would qualify for second round. Needless to say we prepared really hard, but when we saw all those schools in front of us we were baffled. They were so well prepared, our chances of making it onto the finals seemed impossible, but when the results were announced, we were just sixth of the top six teams to qualify for the second round, edging the host school by a margin of 1 point. I felt like what the Irish cricketers might have felt when they entered the World cup super 8's, though eventually we lost that contest but when I went back home it was yet another lesson learnt. A sense of representation, belongingness and pride engulfed me.   
 In 2003 I passed out of this school and when the world was going crazy over which engineering or medical stream to opt for, I drifted out of the race and chose the Indian Navy as my career. To join Navy was my lifetime dream but the usual trend in 11th and 12th is to go for engineering or medicine. Some of my teachers said that I was making the blunder of my lifetime and some of my classmates were amused at my decision but I was determined and went ahead, and joined the Naval Academy. Life was indeed extremely tough, three years of military training was so rigorous that my mom broke into tears when she saw me for the first time, during my leave. But during those harsh days it was the ethics and lessons taught in school which got me going. It all appears as fancy tales of flattery to many but I say with my vivid experience that this is true. There were many new things which the academy taught me as well and which I feel if imbibed by our school would result in fantabulous results. Just like in school we have “Houses”, there is a system of “squadrons” in academy. But unlike the “Houses”, the “squadrons” are much more serious business. The competition level is very intense, one of the reasons can be a sense of pride attached to every small or big victory; moreover once a squadron is allotted to somebody it remains unchanged throughout his tenure. The scope of the competition extends everywhere including academic performance, hence every individual prepares for the exam not just for himself but for his “squadron” as well. I don’t know whether such a system now exists in our school but if it's not there then the presence of such a system can boost up the performance of each student considerably. 
 As I said in the beginning I started with great difficulty in school. But in due course of time I was able to stabilize and got along very well. I don’t think if anybody remembers me in school today but I remember each and every person be it student or teachers or anyone for that matter. I still cherish those days. My school, my alma mater, my pride, a place where I learnt life, where I learnt some things are difficult but; NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" 




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